Great solution or sign of the phone-zombie apocalypse?

Bodegraven, the village we lived in for two years, recently came up with a new idea that the process geek in me loves, but the closet Luddite in me loathes. The village recently installed LED lighting strips on the pavement that are synced to traffic lights so that people reading their phones would know if they could cross the street. It’s a useful idea: people walk, ride bikes, and in some cases push strollers (this example was on the Dutch news) while looking down at their phones.

The system, called Lichtlijn (Lightline) is part of a pilot program developed by HIG Traffic Systems. The Dutch road safety organization, VVN is not a fan – they believe that it encourages bad behavior.

Like I said, I’m also ambivalent:

  • Pro: It’s a pragmatic idea the fits the reality we live in. Also, it keeps absentminded parents from walking baby-first into traffic.
  • Con: Like the VVN says, it kinda does encourage bad/antisocial behavior

So, what do you guys think about Bodegraven’s new Green Light District? (*sorry*) Feel free to tell me in the comments. I’ve also got a poll on Twitter for the next couple of days that you can take if you’d like.

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