Eurovision is tomorrow and now that it is in The Netherlands, I feel compelled to share that I unabashedly and unironically (okay, maybe a little ironically) love Eurovision. I have since we first moved here in 2013. We had been here for a couple of months and were staying with my in-laws. At that point, and I didn’t know any Dutch, which meant that I didn’t understand what was going on around me since I couldn’t follow TV or conversations, etc. Manon and I had a night to ourselves and ordered Domino’s pizza (don’t hate: I know that it’s mediocre, but it was glorious after not having pizza for a couple of months) and turned on Eurovision. I was immediately like: What. Is. This? Eurovision was (and mostly still is) campy, earnest and over-the-top and a few of the countries are unpolished, raw and fun. Winners tend to oscillate on a yearly basis between campy and ernest. In 2019 The Netherlands won with this song:

The winning country hosts Eurovision the next year, but in 2020 nothing fun got to happen. This year’s rescheduled Eurovision is being held in Rotterdam.

The Eurovision song contest has been around since 1957: Ireland and Sweden have won the most (I generally root for Sweden because in my limited experience, they are the best hosts). The rules have changed from no language requirement, to being required to sing in your own language (1966 – 1972; 1977 – 1999), and back to no language requirement. Countries that participate are Europe + Israel and Australia (I have no clue why those last two are allowed). Winners are chosen both by viewers (although viewers can’t vote for the country that they are in) and professional judges. If you would have asked me last year who I thought would win, I would have picked Little Big from Russia:

because this is a master class in camp. But they dropped out (a member of their band died). Now I’m going in completely oblivious of the performers. I intend to share some of the more interesting performances from the semifinals this week. I will also end my Twitter sabbatical because I don’t want to miss anything.

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I am a US expat from the Chicagoland area living in the Netherlands.

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