IMG_1456Hi! After ten years of living in Austin, TX, we decided to sell most of our possessions and move to the Netherlands. We have lived in the Randstad area since 2013. Initially, I was able to come over and work by invoking a visa between the US and the Netherlands called the Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

My aim to document what life is like here in the Netherlands/Europe, as well as my experience applying for and working via the DAFT visa, and to assure my parents that I’m okay. Another goal is to visit all the provinces in the Netherlands – and report on what we’ve found interesting, unique, etc. This is a bit of homage to a couple of friends of ours that visited all 50 U.S. states in a whirlwind “touch ’em all” tour.

I stole the phrase Possibly Netherlandish from the Art Institute of Chicago. They use that label on some of the artifacts in their collection.

I’m on Twitter: @pos_netherland & Instragram: possibly_netherlandish


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